Happy Death Day 2U | Valentines

Illustration created for the Talenthouse creative invite, for the release of Happy Death Day 2U on February 14th. Made to be used as both marketing material and for a Valentines Day card.

Halloween 2018

I had a lot of fun creating this for the Talenthouse Halloween Creative Invite. They asked for designers to create artwork inspired by the new movie being released in October 2018. This is what I came up with after watching the film trailer.

Atypical: Alternative Movie Poster

Alternative movie poster created for season 2 of Atypical on Netflix. A show featured around a young character called Sam who is on the autism spectrum.  

American Animals: Heist

This Alternative Movie Poster was illustrated for the American Animals PosterSpy creative brief, based on the 2018 Film by Bart Layton. This is my interpretation of the movie in which two college students along with two of their friends try to pull off an “audacious” […]


This design was created for a birthday card brief set by Hallmark UK. This is a response to theme 18, Birthday Hat. The character is inspired by the Corizus Hyoscyami bug, an insect that can be found in France. I thought this was fitting with […]


This was a project created to celebrate the 200th year of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. My intention was to bring Frankenstein to life through Instagram.


Editorial Illustration created for the So Young Magazine issue 16 competition. The brief was to illustrate a song lyric (or band) from a selected list. I chose to illustrate Wolf Alice, inspired by their latest album “Visions of a Life”.  


This is a sneak peak into a children’s book that I have written and illustrated during my final months at university.


Characters created for a brief set by Lancashire Libraries. The aim was to illustrate some characters for their summer reading programme. The characters made are real life bugs that can be found in and around Lancashire.


This is an illustration in response to a brief set by Uppercase Magazine. The brief was to illustrate your favourite packing, here’s to feeling nostalgic for the days of the 10p Freddo.  


This is a personal project, a zine inspired by Tahoe Tessie and the world of cryptozoology. Printed with a travel guide map on the back, the zine folds out into an adventure.  


This was a very open brief to illustrate something based on the word location. I responded by creating a zine based on an acronym version of my hometown, Preston.